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Nxt:Gen Financial Planning is a location independent platform that strives to build lasting relationships with our clients, who are just as committed to seeing their money grow as we are. They know the value of good advice, and want to do the work necessary to secure their financial success.

Our unique experience and skill set has led us to hone our services towards six key professional groups. This specialization provides maximum value for these busy professionals, who want to grow their wealth and their careers with confidence.

Clarity and focus are key to managing your money and life with equal success. We help you achieve peace of mind knowing a realistic financial plan that is unique to your situation is in place, with the ongoing support of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

newly licensed attorneys financial planning
Newly Licensed Attorneys in the Associate Stage
You are fresh out of law school, having recently earned the right to practice law. Now it’s time to start building your career, but no one taught you financial literacy while in law school.
That’s why we’re passionate about helping busy associates find total confidence in their financial situation by providing them with the necessary financial education while helping them create a workable spending and savings plan. We’ll get your savings on auto-pilot, create a plan for paying off student debt, initiate the building of an emergency fund, research and analyze your employee benefits, begin to create a retirement plan, and hold you accountable to your goals. We’ll also explore your future career goals. Whether it’s to make Partner, pursue a career as in-house counsel, progress in public service, or start your own firm, we will analyze what future capital requirements are needed in order to pursue your dream career.
senior attorneys financial planning
Attorneys in Senior Associate or Partner Stage
You’ve found success early in life, and now you need some guidance to help ensure your money works as hard as you do.
We’ll help you establish a tax efficient investing strategy and design your personal retirement plan. We’ll also evaluate the need for home ownership and financially prepare you for this major financial milestone. Other key elements to set in place at this stage include a student debt repayment or college savings plan (if needed), a risk management/insurance plan, and an estate plan to protect assets and establish proper guardianship/care for children.
startup business owners financial planning
Business Owners in Start Up Stage
Setting up a business is no easy task, and you’ll need a strong network of professionals to support you as you take this major leap.
We’re here to advocate for your needs and help you make your dream of owning a business a reality. We’ll create a workable budget to manage variable cash flow and help to set clear personal and business financial goals. We’ll also create a plan for managing and paying down any student debt, evaluate your current business structure for tax management and liability, create an insurance and risk management plan to protect your business and personal assets from liability, evaluate personal insurance needs such as health, disability, and life insurance, build an emergency fund, and help in evaluating and establishing a line of credit. You can also leverage Nxt:Gen Financial Planning’s trusted network of professionals to help you launch your business.
established business owners financial planning
Established Business Owners
No matter how established your business might be, there is always room for improvement. The sky is the limit, and we want to help you continue to chase your dreams.
We help you create a workable spending and savings plan, evaluate your current business structure for tax efficiency and liability while coordinating with appropriate tax professionals, automate savings, establish an emergency fund, evaluate and implement proper retirement vehicles for you and your employees, evaluate your current risk management plan, evaluate your need for group benefits such as health, life and disability insurance with appropriate insurance professionals, create a tax strategy to help you keep taxes as low as the law allows, establish an estate plan to protect assets and beneficiaries, establish a college savings plan (if needed), and create a personal plan to map out goals. Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your business so that one day, your business can help you live the retirement of your dreams.
resident physicians dentists-vets financial planning
Physicians, Dentists, and Veterinarians in Training
Your workload is extreme and your stress levels probably feel the same, so it’s important that your financial life doesn’t add to this.
We’ll help you take control of this with easy and manageable steps so you can feel confident that your money is well taken care of. We’ll help you create a workable spending and savings plan to help you streamline your life and limit some of the chaos. We’ll also help ensure you complete your residency/training without getting into any unnecessary debt by creating a plan for analyzing and paying down student debt and credit cards. We’ll review and recommend a proper insurance plan, create an emergency fund and retirement savings plan, hold you accountable to your goals, and evaluate job offers while creating a plan for negotiating salary.
practicing physicians dentists-vets financial planning
Practicing Physicians, Dentists, and Veterinarians
At this stage, it’s crucial you get a strong financial plan in place to ensure your money works hard for you in all the right ways.
We’ll help you establish a workable spending and savings plan, and build an emergency fund. We’ll establish a tax efficient investing strategy, and evaluate and set up your workplace retirement plan in order to minimize fees and maximize returns. We’ll also evaluate business entity set up if you work locum tenens, and evaluate retirement plan set up. We’ll also create a tax strategy to help you pay as little tax as legally allowed, financially prepare you for home ownership, establish a college savings plan (if needed), a risk management/insurance plan, and an estate plan to protect assets and establish proper guardianship/care for children. And if your dream is to buy into, or own your very own practice, we will make sure you are financially prepared to take on the challenge.
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