Nxt:Gen Financial Planning, a fee-only private practice, serves clients who are in the wealth accumulation stage of their lives via a transparent fee structure that eliminates conflicts of interest.

I created Nxt:Gen Financial Planning fully aware of the stark disconnect between traditional financial advisors and the modern young professional. My mission is to democratize financial planning, so that upwardly mobile young professionals could have access to the same financial planning tools and conflict-free advice as someone with a multi-million dollar investment portfolio.

Today’s young professional needs specialized advice that serves their modern needs and emerging wealth. With their focus on serving investors who are at or near retirement, traditional financial advisors do not have the necessary expertise to counsel clients who are in the wealth accumulation stage. And with most traditional financial advising firms requiring an investor have $250,000 or more to manage, this high minimum effectively prices most young professionals out of their service model. This has left many like yourself adrift without access to the right kind of sophisticated advice.

My goal is to give you the courage to plan confidently for the future, by helping you make smarter money moves that will improve your life. No commissions. No product sales. Just conflict-free advice, customized for you by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

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Professional Guidance You Can Trust

I hear all too often how young professionals do not trust large financial institutions or the stock market. A recent white paper by Facebook states that 92% of Millennials do not trust financial institutions. Having started my career at a Fortune 100 financial institution, I understand why the level of distrust is so high. I want you to feel confident that you will have an advocate for YOUR needs, not my own. By serving as a fiduciary, I am able to provide you the highest ethical standard of care ruled by a legal obligation to do what is in your best interest. This is not a standard of care most financial advisors are obligated to uphold.

At Nxt:Gen Financial Planning, the client is always FIRST. I provide a safe haven for you to share your financial concerns, while fostering a collaborative process dedicated to supporting your continued growth. You want answers from a trusted source who can understand your financial challenges, empathize with them, and collaborate on a solution that is best suited to your unique needs. That is why I invite you to come and experience the Nxt:Generation of financial planning!


Ashley Foster of NXT:GEN and his partner

Meet Ashley Foster, CFP®

My name is Ashley Foster. I am a CFP® and founder of Nxt:Gen Financial Planning. My practice focuses on building trust by creating meaningful relationships with each and every one of my clients. I provide fee-only, fiduciary advice and investment management in Houston, Texas and beyond.

Financial planning should be a collaborative and engaging process. My goal is to help you achieve a sense of financial clarity and purpose, using money as a tool to create your definition of financial success.

Charles Dickens once said that “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with over ten years of industry experience, I’m passionate about helping my clients realize their financial potential by giving them the courage to plan confidently for their future.

I began my career as a financial advisor over ten years ago. Those first couple of years were financially challenging, as I tried to keep my practice afloat during the Great Recession. Even though my income was variable, expenses such as my car note, student loans, and rent were fixed. I had to be creative in handling my finances in order to stay ahead of my expenses. Mastering financial basics and learning how to employ smart financial strategies got me through the tough times.

As my practice grew, I found my career becoming less and less fulfilling. I was helping the wealthy keep more of their money, yet my friends were still recovering from the effects of the Great Recession. I transitioned my practice to a boutique investment management firm in 2014, but a change of scenery did not change how I felt.

It wasn’t until I started running into more and more young professionals who needed conflict-free financial advice, did I realize I was unable to effectively deliver it within a traditional financial advisory firm. This is why I created Nxt:Gen Financial Planning, to serve clients just like you.

Most days, I help successful young professionals such as yourself realize their full financial potential. Whether it is helping them make smarter money moves, holding them accountable to their goals, guiding them through student loan repayment, or taking a holistic view of their cash flow and investments, the end result is the same. They now feel confident about their financial situation, knowing they have a trusted advisor guiding them to their unique definition of financial success.

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When not working, you can find me spending time with my beautiful wife, Anna, a local Veterinarian. I am an avid soccer player, and a passionate advocate for providing financial literacy education to underserved populations right here in Houston, Texas. I volunteer in my community through my Rotary Club, and in my profession by sitting on the local board of the Financial Planning Association. And when time allows, Anna and I can be found exploring the world, living out our shared dream of traveling together.

I look forward to helping you realize your full financial potential so that you too, can begin to chase your dreams.


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