Our Approach

Nxt:Gen Financial Planning was designed to offer a new and progressive way for today’s busy professional to handle their money with confidence.

Financial Planning doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, if done properly, it can be a liberating experience. As we help you align your values with your money, you will begin to gain a sense of clarity and control over your life.

Surveys show that many young professionals in America believe that they will not be better off than their parents. Here at Nxt:Gen Financial Planning, we want to change that. This is not a transaction, but a long-term partnership you can rely on to help you navigate the ups and downs of your financial life.

Our process was designed to take away the stress associated with money. Each plan is customized using a collaborative approach that focuses on your unique goals. No cookie-cutter advice, just actionable steps towards your version of financial success. And because Nxt:Gen is a virtual firm, we can connect on your terms. Whether it is over the phone, a virtual meeting, or in person (if you are in Houston or surrounding areas), we were built with the busy professional in mind.

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How It Works

Our Approach Discovery

Step 1: Discovery

Financial success starts with discovery. We want to know more about you, and you want to know more about us. Discovery is all about finding out what challenges you face, what opportunities you want to pursue, and what are your wants and needs when it comes to your finances. But we also want you to ask us questions. Once we get to know each other, then we can decide if it is mutually beneficial to move forward.

Our Approach Get Organized

Step 2: Get Organized

Do you feel your financial life is all over the place? Does money seem to fly out faster than it comes in? Does this leave you feeling like you are always behind with something? Life gets in the way. But getting organized is the most important step towards taking control of your financial life. We will make this process easy, using technology to connect all the dots of your financial life right into your own personal (and secure) online financial portal. Once we get organized, we can begin to design your unique financial plan.

Our Approach Creation And Presentation

Step 3: Creation And Presentation

Phew! All the hard work is done. Now comes the fun part! Using the information you have provided us, we will create a unique financial roadmap that address each of your financial challenges and opportunities. Sit back, relax, and let Nxt:Gen Financial Planning do the work. Once your unique financial plan has been completed, we will then present you with our findings with clear action steps to get you moving forward.

Our Approach Implementation And Collaboration

Step 4: Implementation And Collaboration

Now that you have your roadmap, it’s time to get moving towards your goals. But our work is not complete. We find that life gets in the way, and a plan begins to collect dust. That is why Nxt:Gen Financial Planning is there to collaborate with you. We help you build confidence by working with you to implement your financial plan, while holding you accountable to your goals. Just like a personal trainer works with you to craft and implement your unique fitness program, we do the same with your unique financial plan. Think of us as your Personal CFO.

Our Approach Monitoring

Step 5: Monitoring

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. Big bonus? Leaving your job to pursue another opportunity? Becoming an equity owner at your company? New baby on the way? No worries! We check in with you once a quarter to see how you are doing. If your plan needs to be updated, we have that covered. But behind the scenes, a whole lot of work is being done. From monitoring cash flow, to adjusting your investment portfolio, to spotting opportunities to save money on taxes, Nxt:Gen Financial Planning proactively monitors your progress. So relax, and feel confident that you have a partner to help you tackle your financial challenges.


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